How to Choosing a Fast and Cheap Internet Provider

Almost all areas of life, such as learning, medical, banking, especially trade, which may not be able to operate if the internet network is disconnected. Moreover, because of the enormous influence of the internet provider, now it can be said that the basic human needs are not only clothing, food, and shelter, but also “internet information”. In the past, the energy source that was very urgent in carrying out business was electricity. It’s different at this time, which is slowly shifting to internet access. For example, a private or government institution, if the internet provider used is down, of course its operations will immediately be paralyzed.

internet provider

Well, one of the significant problems that must be addressed properly is how to choose a reliable internet provider? This matter is very meaningful because if the whole business or everything depends on the internet connection, the matter of choosing an internet provider is also no longer a trivial matter. Agreed, right?

To be able to get internet service from the right provider, you really have to be diligent in looking for data related to this. Generally, there are lots of data sources on the internet that override the discussion of a provider related to the speed of the internet service provided. To make it easier, you can check out some of the guidelines for choosing an internet provider below!

Guide to Choosing the Right Internet Provider

The following is a short guide to choosing an internet provider for solving home or office needs. Pay attention to some of the following aspects, yes!

1. Availability (network availability)

The first point is, you want no matter how good the reputation of a provider is, if the service is not available at your place, of course you can’t subscribe. Until then, look for a provider that has very wide coverage. This very broad scope generally reflects the experience and financial strength of the company. Because, building an internet network at all points requires solid financial expertise, and proven after sales experience. Don’t choose a provider that only has a small coverage, unless you have to!

2. Reliability (reliability)

If the network already exists, the next important thing that must also be considered is the reliability of the service. Considering this involves the life and death of a business, so choosing a provider that can provide reliable, normal, and not easy to die services. A good provider is a provider that has a redundant network. That is, if one of the internet links breaks, there are still other links that can be used for “rerouting”.

3. After Sales (after sales)

All good services must also include after-sales service. This matter aims to help customers solve the problems they experience while using the service, whether it’s a payment problem or it could be a problem. Until then, look for a provider that has a 24-hour after-sales service line, either via telephone or social media or especially through apps.

4. Price(price)

Remember, it doesn’t mean that a cheap price is a must. However, it is more of an “affordable” price, which means a price that is not very cheap and not very expensive, but with abundant benefits. Sometimes, there are providers who offer very cheap fees, but risk quality. Well, as internet users, it’s time for you not to include the “very cheap” factor as the main consideration.

5. Consider using a modem

If you want to use the internet at home so you can connect to some features, you should buy from a provider that also provides a modem. That way, the speed you get will be better than if you had to do tethering every day. After that, also check the quality of the modem provided by the provider and make sure it’s not a cheap thing. Generally, modems from direct providers will be sold a little more expensive, but are more durable to use and guarantee a strong signal for a long time.