How to maintain Healthy eye care for Looking at the Monitor Screen!

Staring at the screen for hours every day can cause eye problems, such as eye fatigue, dryness, and blurred vision. However, fear not, there are ways you can take care of your eye health when looking at a computer screen. Healthy eye is a legacy especially to support your productivity. You can avoid this problem by carrying out some of the healthy way of looking at the monitor that we will share in this post.

Healthy eye

The Healthy Method of Looking at the Monitor Screen

By following our tips, you can keep your eyes healthy and stay productive while using the screen. Here are some tips on healthy ways to keep your eyes healthy when looking at the screen.

1. Set Viewing Distance

One of the most important methods is to maintain proper visibility between the eyes and the PC screen. The right distance is around 50-100 centimeters. Also, make sure you are sitting in a safe and ergonomic position, placing the screen at the same size as your eyes.

2. Adjust the Color and Contrast Settings

Remember to maintain good light near the PC screen, use the color and contrast adjustment features according to your preferences, and set the screen refresh rate according to the performance of the graphics card.

3. Rest your eyes periodically

After that, take regular breaks, at least 20 minutes every 2 hours working in front of a screen, by doing other activities such as walking or doing light movements.

Don’t let eye problems limit your productivity. So, start by exploring these tips for keeping your eyes healthy when looking at a computer screen. That way, your eyes will be fresher and focused throughout the day.

Eye health is an important matter and should not be ignored. Therefore, the quality of the monitor is very important to support work or enjoy entertainment such as playing games or watching movies.

ACER Monitor K243Y, Safe for the Eyes

With ACER Monitor K243Y, you can work or play games safely without fear of eye problems. Carrying the theme “Wider View Comfort More”, the K243Y monitor is equipped with an IPS screen with ZeroFrame and FreeSync which will provide a spectacular visual experience that can spoil your eyes.

The K243Y monitor is equipped with several important features to protect the health of your eyes, one of which is the Acer BlueLight Shield. This feature can reduce exposure to blue light produced by electronic device screens such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

As data, blue light can cause problems in eye health including disrupting sleep patterns. The Acer BlueLight Shield feature is designed to help reduce the negative effects of blue light exposure.

Healthy Method of Looking at the Monitor with Acer K243YAcer K243Y

If you are looking for a monitor that can increase your productivity and comfort while working or playing games, then the Acer K243Y is the right choice. Not only equipped with the BlueLight Shield, this monitor is also equipped with the latest Flickerless feature.

These features fulfill this Acer K243Y. Flickerless can reduce the glare on the screen which can cause fatigue and make the eyes feel tired quickly. Not only that, the Acer K243Y monitor is even more perfect with the arrival of the Low Dimming and Comfyview features.

Low Dimming is a feature on monitors that better controls the brightness level of the backlight, so it can lower the light level. This feature can reduce the light emitted by the screen when used in a black area or at night, so it can reduce the negative effect on the eyes and help you sleep better.

After that, Comfyview is a feature offered by Acer, which reduces light reflection and increases photo contrast. The Comfyview feature is useful for reducing the problem of light reflection which can cause eye problems and also improves the quality of the displayed photos. ComfyView can be used in conjunction with Low Dimming to increase visual comfort when using the monitor.

The features offered by the Acer K243Y monitor can help protect the health of your eyes when looking at the monitor screen. You can enjoy a healthy way of looking at the monitor with features such as BlueLight Shield, Flickerless, Low Dimming, to Comfyview which can help reduce the negative effects of looking at the monitor screen which can safely support your productivity.

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