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Washington has the fastest web speeds on the west coast. And our average is 3Mbps faster than the whole USA’s average.

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If pace is your priority, then try the next record, which outlines the fastest internet speeds in Washington.AT&T web is a top choice for speed in Washington. Featuring speeds as much as 100Mbps, you can search, stream, and scan faster than most.

Seattle, WA has a complete of eight suppliers including 2 Cable suppliers, 1 DSL suppliers and a couple of Fiber suppliers. Call now for Dish Network internet availability at your tackle. Contact us and we’ll join you with a broadband market professional on our team who can provide insights and data to support your work. Yes, Verizon 5G Home Internet is on the market in some areas of Seattle. Thanks to 5G technology, this wi-fi service is significantly faster than satellite and older fixed wireless choices.


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Customers will be given one day of free service for every single day that the issue goes uncorrected. Standard installations should be made inside 7 business days. If not, prospects are awarded with free installation or a month’s service waived. If the installation was waived as apart of a promotion, then the customer shall be awarded with $10.