What computer components should you buy on Black Friday?

Building a good computer can be expensive as many essential things play a crucial part in making a computer fast and reliable. If you are a gamer, programmer, or editor, you would know about the computer components and how they work. But these components can be expensive because of their newer technology and features. That is why Black Friday can help you to upgrade your computer at discounted rates. It does not actually matter if you are going with an Asus Graphics Card or Ryzen Processor; you will need a sale on it to save some money. So check out reviews about the reliable brands and then buy their PC components for your computer.

The PC Components to get this Black Friday

Let’s check out what computer components you can get this black Friday with amazing discounts:


The processor is one of the (or the) most essential and vital components of a PC as it helps it perform tasks efficiently. If you currently have a dual-core or quad-core processor, it can be a great idea to upgrade it to a 6-core (or above) processor. It can improve your multitasking, overall speed, gameplay, or programming in no time. But make sure to check and review the compatibility of your motherboard if it can support your new processor or not. You can find many deals on tech stores this black Friday from where you can get your hands on different processors.


Most gamers and graphics designers tend to go for a better graphics card than the processor to enhance the quality of in-game graphics. Indeed, a graphics card can drastically increase the quality, but a processor should be good enough not to create any bottleneck. The two leading brands of GPUs, Nvidia, and AMD, produce one of the best and affordable GPUs that you can buy at an even lesser price on Black Friday.


You cannot integrate a newer generation processor in an older generation motherboard. You will need a motherboard that could support the chip and offer all the functionalities required. Motherboards are now coming with premium features like PCIe expresses, M.2 Slots, DDR4 RAM Slots, and many other things which make it compatible for future PCs. So if you want to upgrade other components of your PC, upgrade the base first; that is the motherboard!


If you have been using HDDs all over your life, it is time to upgrade your storage to the fastest SSDs. SSDs can be expensive if we compare them to the HDDs, but SSDs offer double the read and write speed. Black Friday can be a great moment to get an SSD if you pick the right store. The best and the greatest thing is that you can pair an SSD along with your HDD without any problems. So make your computer super fast and efficient with an SSD to save a lot of your time.


What good can a computer be if it can’t handle multitasking, right? Upgrading your RAM can be a great idea if you run multiple programs at once, like browsers, games, or other applications. You can either upgrade your RAM to the latest generation or increase its capacity by adding more RAM into your computer. But it still is a great idea to get your hands on some of the Black Friday sales. It is because you might not get RAMs at a lower price on the usual days.


Upgrading your computer can be essential sometimes as we all are getting new programs and games that require better specifications. Black Friday is a great event to upgrade your PC at better prices and run any program you want with ease.