Future Technology

In phrases of method, futures practitioners initially focused on extrapolating present technological, financial or social trends, or on making an attempt to predict future developments. Over time, the discipline has come to place increasingly focus on the examination of social systems and uncertainties, to the tip of articulating scenarios. Apart from extrapolation and situations, many dozens of methods and techniques are utilized in futures research . As the plural time period “futures” suggests, one of many fundamental assumptions in futures studies is that the long run is plural not singular. The main effort in futures studies, then, is to determine and describe various futures to be able to higher understand the driving forces of the present or the structural dynamics of a specific subject or subjects.

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Therefore, on this paper, we try to depict the path of some main applied sciences in the future particularly in India. Thanks to technological advancements similar to 3D graphics, VR, and AI, video games are repeatedly evolving. As builders introduce new improvements, gamers will discover extra practical, absolutely immersive simulations on screens and lenses and can have the ability to connect further with others. The future of video video games shall be formed by our desire to create awe-inspiring experiences and increase our alternatives for social interaction and engagement. More usually, one can regard science fiction as a broad genre of fiction that usually includes speculations based on present or future science or know-how. Science fiction is present in books, art, television, films, video games, theater, and different media. Science fiction differs from fantasy in that, within the context of the story, its imaginary parts are largely possible inside scientifically established or scientifically postulated legal guidelines of nature .

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